Horses to Heartbreak

Where to begin? We are taking a break from horses. There, I said it. It makes me so sad to think of really doing this…it’s my passion, my hobby, part of my identity. It’s what I wake up thinking about and what I try to squeeze into my day. If I have 5 minutes you know where you’ll find me…in the barn or out in the field with my horses. Unfortunately, they just aren’t working for my family.

For starters, they are costing us a small fortune. The price of hay doubled last year (due to the drought) and we don’t have a large enough pasture for them to eat grass for most of the year. The other big reason is, we just cant seem to find the “right” horse. Our little pony Daisy is sweet and gentle, but the kids are not showing any interest in her. They are just not into it, and nothing I do or say can get them out there to groom, sit on, or even just hang out with their little pony. This is not fair to Daisy, who loves kids and attention. As I have already mentioned in a previous post, Boo (the big grey) is not cut out for farm life. He does not like all the people (and kids) around, he prefers a comfortable stall, and he is difficult and challenging to ride. He also keeps charging and nearly breaking the fence down every time one of the ponies is being ridden, which is very dangerous. Lastly, and most sad for me, is Shadoe. My lovely, sweet haflinger mare. If you read this blog, you have heard me talking about her as my heart horse. I have loved her from the second she arrived here. She is my friend and partner; she is beautiful and affectionate. And despite all her wonderful qualities, she is also not working out for our family. She’s super strong and pushy. She has thrown a few riders (unexpectedly but on purpose). She needs a firm handler, on the ground and when being ridden, as she goes from calm to “testy” very quickly. When talking with some people from her past I found out that she has been this way all her life, and it’s going to take a lot of time, energy, and professional help to get her to where we need her to be for our family. My kids, our friends and family can’t safely ride her until I have done this. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time, the energy or the money to do this with her.

And now the “voice of reason” in our family (my husband Joey) has had enough of these sketchy situations happening (horses breaking through fences and galloping across the lawn, people getting bucked off or pushed around) to say “maybe it’s time to take a break” and I have to agree, maybe it is.

Do I look forward to having a break? No, not at all. I love having horses in my everyday life. I love mucking stalls, carrying water, grooming and hanging out with them. There is nothing more satisfying then standing with horses while they munch their hay.

For now I will try to find peace with this decision. I will find wonderful homes for them all and know that they are going to home that is as good or better then here. I know it’s just not the right time for me and my family to have this giant, expensive, sometimes dangerous commitment. To ease the pain of all this I am hoping to find a stable where I can continue to ride and be with horses on a regular basis. I’m looking for a place to fill my cup, continue my journey with horses, learn more and improve my riding and handling skills, and someday when the time is right I will find my heart horse and be ready for it.


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