The Pony Chapter

Well it has been quite a month for our farm and family.

We have gone from having three horses to one. Things have changed drastically in so many ways. First, we are so happy to still have Daisy the pony with us and we have decided to keep her. As soon as Shadoe and Boo were gone my kids (all of a sudden) were out there with Daisy every chance they got. At first it was to keep her company, as she was very upset that she was without a herd. My intention was to sell or even lease her out right away. But then she calmed down and things shifted. My girls are spending hours a day with Daisy; grooming, walking, and riding her. They want to bring her out in the yard and we let her free range around the back yard with us and the goats. We are even taking her for “trail rides” back in the woods with us, which is something we could never do before because Boo would have taken the fence down.

It’s been amazing to see my girls and their pony find each other, bond and become comfortable with each other. This is what I was hoping to create all along. It was a very hard transition, and we all shed many tears when Boo left last Thursday. It helps knowing that he is with “his person” and living a wonderful life at his forever home. When Shadoe left it was hardest on me, as she was my horse. She was the horse I rode a few times a week and the one I was very bonded with.

It was a big help attending the Anne Gage clinic at Hobby Horse Farm where I felt welcomed and supported to enter the horse world again (outside of my own little farm) and ride with other wonderful horse ladies. Working on basic but essential concepts and riding wonderful, well trained horses from the farm did boost my confidence and improve my riding skills. Most importantly it gave me the chance to re establish who I am as a rider and horse woman. I don’t have to own my own horse to ride or be a part of a riding community. I am taking this chance to ride other horses, be part of other riding communities, and get out there in the horse world. I am hopeful that when I am out there I will find the right horse for me and my family.  It’s been awesome to find other alternatives where I can ride and learn. I had my first lesson this week on a lovely little mare at Legacy Equestrian Centre. I’m really looking forward to riding there a few times a month and getting excellent instruction. I’m also looking forward to working with Jackie and Miles at their near by stable and riding one of their green broke horses and cleaning stalls.

With all the ups and downs of having these horses in my life it’s great that this particular story has a happy ending. Although it was hard and sad to move Boo and Shadoe along to their new homes it has ended up being the best thing for all of us. And my kids who seemed to be not interested in having a pony are now pony crazy. I get to ride, and we dont have to spend a fortune on hay and vet bills. Thanks to all the friends and family who listened and supported me through this transition. You can look forward to hearing how about this next chapter goes with our pony.



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